Sunday, March 27, 2011


I had a wonderful seafood buffet dinner with my two friends, Ford and Dontana in Bangkok.


Faith is so vital in prayer. Faith is trusting God to answer our prayers no matter how long it takes...

17 Elijah was a human being, even as we are. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years. 18 Again he prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops. James 5:17-18

Some prayers get answered immediately by God while other prayers will take longer. We should not doubt God when we do not see prayers answered within our expected time frame. Over the years, I have come to understand that God’s time frame of answering prayers is so different from mine. My responsibility is just to pray. Afterwards, I want to have peace while waiting for God to answer my prayer. I do not want to have any doubts about God’s love and His ability to answer my prayers. It is so easy to slide back in unbelief when we see nothing happen. In the Bible, Elijah kept praying for the rain to fall even though there had been no rain in Israel for three and half years.

When the rain finally fell, Elijah did not pray just once, but he prayed seven times for rain to fall. There was only a small cloud in the sky after Elijah seven prayers, yet God brought the wind and created bigger clouds for a heavy rain. Faith in God is needed to see the greater works of God in our lives. I am sure Elijah was discouraged when nothing seemed to happen, but he persevered in prayer and witnessed the power of God in sending rain after a long drought.

Our faith in God and His abilities can influence the outcome of our prayers. When we have great faith in God, all things are possible.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I am very encouraged by Love Shieka's healing testimony in Bangkok, Thailand. I pray that you will be inspired to believe God for greater miracles through this testimony.


In 2008, I had an operation in my uterus due to cysts caused by endometriosis. Though the operation was successful, the doctor prescribed me to take medication to prevent the cysts from returning.

Two months after my operation, God blessed me even more. I went to Thailand and immediately found a job within three days. Everything was going well. My health was good and I was even able to join in different church activities and presentations. One day, I felt pain in the lower part of my abdomen. At first, I tried to ignore the pain but I started feeling it regularly.
I went to see a doctor who diagnosed me with adenomyosis; an enlargement of the uterus. The doctor added that if the size of my uterus reached or exceeded 12 inches, I would need to undergo another operation removing my entire uterus.

I was so depressed when I heard the news. I cried and succumbed to self-pity most of the time. But I never stopped praying. I continued to have my appointments with my doctor every three months. During one of my scheduled ultrasounds, I was holding my Bible and praying to God, asking Him for a miracle. When I opened my Bible, I read the words from Jeremiah 33:6 that said, "I WILL BRING HEALTH AND HEALING TO IT." I praised the Lord and thanked Him in advance for His miracle.

I received prayer by the church leaders and even attended the healing service led by Evangelist Peter Troung. I returned home to the Philippines with a positive heart. I went to see my doctor for a check-up and I received a negative result for adenomyosis! Praise God, because He really answered my prayers! I went home and testified to my whole family how great God is in my life. We were crying and my family was so blessed.

Love Shieka Palmones
Oasis of Bangkok Church International

Monday, March 14, 2011


Here are some recent photos of the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand.


"Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray" James 5:13a

It may sound too simple; but so many believers overlook this truth. How often do we forget to pray when we are in trouble or face some sort of crisis?

We allow our problems to accumulate over days, weeks, months and even years. Our troubles not only affect our emotions and health, but also the people around us. We need to learn to quickly surrender our troubles to God through prayer. The Bible says our natural response when trouble arises is prayer to God.
The moment we pray is the same moment God begins to intervene on our behalf. I do not wait for the right time to pray. I pray to God at any opportunity because I know God is ever ready to act or change the situation.

The Bible says God neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is always watching over us for our benefit. Like a loving father watching over his children, God is always present in our daily life. If you are facing some troubles in your family, marriage, business, health or ministry, pray and see God’s powerful hands at work.

Let us not bury our heads under the sand when troubles come, but pray them away!

Sunday, March 6, 2011



As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. 2 My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God? Psalm 42:1-2

Thirsting for more God was the heart cry of this Psalm’s author. He longed to be in the presence of his God. Many wonderful things can happen when are we in union with Christ. When we are in the presence of God, we will have love, hope, faith, peace, joy, strength, direction, wisdom, anointing and so much more. God desires to fill us with His nature as we draw close to Him. Do not allow the busyness of life to hinder us from drawing close to God in prayer, worship and reading the Bible. God is waiting for us to come to Him each day with open arms. Come to Him today and drink from the presence of the living God.

Allow God to satisfy all of our innermost desires and needs as we meet with Him.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Here are some photos in Bangkok, Thailand and with my friends in Nexus Christian Church.


Extraordinary Courage comes from knowing an Extraordinary God

1 Samuel 17:45-47 (New International Version, ©2010)

45 David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. 46 This day the LORD will deliver you into my hands, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel. 47 All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves; for the battle is the LORD’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.”

The whole army of the Israel trembled in terror at the voice and threat of Goliath. He was nine feet tall (2.74m) and wore impenetrable armour that weighed more than any person. Goliath shouted out curses to the army of Israel causing every soldier to be shaken. But there was a teenager named David who was filled with the Spirit of God. David was undeterred by the giant Philistine because he knew his God is able to conquer all. Instead of running away or hiding from Goliath like the rest of the soldiers, David ran towards his enemy with a sling and stones in his hands. It only took one throw by David to strike Goliath on the forehead and cause Goliath to crash like a tree.

David triumphed over Goliath because God’s presence was with him. Despite being smaller, not wearing any armour and carrying an unsophisticated weapon; David was fearless. What Goliaths are we facing today? Are we hiding or running away from our giants? God desires us to have the extraordinary courage like David to confront our challenges. We need to allow God to demonstrate His love, grace and power through us in order to overcome our giants. God is with us today as He was with David to defeat Goliath.

Let us be strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit to do extraordinary things for God. Be courageous for God and make a difference today.