Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I am always want to have a great passion to win lost souls for Christ. What about you? Recently, I stumble on a great Evangelist by the name of Luis Palua. God has used Luis Palua to preach to millions around the world.

Visit Luis Palua website: http://www.palau.org/

When I watch this video testimony of how God used a lady to lead her brother to Christ, I shed tears. Matt's life has been totally transformed by God after accepting Christ. His sister prayed for his salvation for 6 years. Now, Matt is an active member of a local church and has turn away from a life of sins. I pray that you will be convicted in reaching to the lost after watching this video testimony.

Luis Palau Promotional Video

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Drawing the gospel diagram

A few years ago, a friend and I came up with a simple diagram which summarised the gospel in order to help Christians share their faith with others. I have taught many churches how to draw this gospel diagram and have seen many people come to know Christ as a result. I pray that God will use you to lead many to Christ through learning to draw this diagram.


The biggest Mission Team

The Gold Coast mission team, with 22 people, was the biggest I have ever led. I thank God for Derrick Chew who helped organise everything to ensure the mission trip was a success. I was very inspired by the team members to share the love of Christ to everyone they met at the Gold Coast. Read their stories of spreading the Good News. We want to praise God for one student accepted Christ on the mission trip. He is now faithfully attending church and fellowship.

Gold Coast Mission Trip testimonies

During the mission trip to Gold Coast, I believed that God would move through our group and that we would witness a few salvations. Unfortunately, we experienced rejection from people when we tried to share the word of God with them. Despite being discouraged, God still taught me a lot. I learnt to trust God in all things and rely on Him and realise that his ways are higher than ours. Also, when we are rejected, it's not us they are rejecting but God. God filled my heart with compassion for the lost. Although some rejected the gospel, I still felt compelled to pray for them. Every time we speak to an unbeliever about the gospel, we are planting a seed in their hearts. We may not see the fruit but we have done what God has commanded us to do and we leave it to Him to complete the work. Naomie Pilula. Judah 1

I felt God's presence during this mission trip. During the healing conference, I injured my leg because I kept jumping during praise and worship. One night, I met Lisa who testified that God healed her back completely. So I kept for praying for immediate healing for my legs because I had to drive to the Gold Coast the next day. Praise God! My leg did get better the next day. However, I still could barely move. That night, Peter prayed for healing for those who were sick. Believing in God’s power, I came forward. When Peter touched my legs, I felt the tendons and muscles in my legs being pulled. My legs can now keep straight and I can walk normally. I am so amazed by God’s power which is beyond our imaginations. Patrick Chan-Judah 1

This trip was an eye-opener for me. Through this trip, God not only revealed my weaknesses through evax at the shopping centre but more importantly, he taught me that it’s only by surrendering my whole heart to Him that I witness how powerful He is in changing people's lives through me. Moreover, though everyone is unique, God really showed to us how people from different walks of life can be united and even excel by working together. It's really exciting. Sam Kang-Judah7

During the mission trip, I received healing from Jesus Christ of my fever that I picked up during the trip. I also learned a lot from other brothers and sisters when we evangelised together at the Gold Coast. I received a word of prophecy from God and found that it really spoke deeply into my life. Thanks for all the brothers and sisters who worked hard to make this mission trip a success. Brian Chia Chong Wan

Starting the mission trip with the healing conference still fresh on my mind inspired me to strongly believe that God could use all of us in this mission trip. In this mission trip, I felt personally challenged to rely on the Holy Spirit totally. I realised I was praying much more than I usually do during the 2 days. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit during this mission trip. I realised that all of us were praying on many occasions. Also, this mission trip:

It challenged me to do so in my daily life. A.S.K->Ask, Seek, Knock-Matthew.

  1. My brothers and sisters from the mission team help inspire me and increase the desire to step out and spread the word
  2. Unity when the team cooked together
  3. Peter Truong's tiredness really inspired me, and I learnt that we may have physical limitations, but it is the Holy Spirit that fills us.

-Thankful for the brother in teaching faithfulness.
Derek Tok
-Judah 3

God has shown to me in this mission trip about the importance of seeking Him for direction, grace and Love to share the gospel. This mission trip has been quite challenging for me as street evax is very different to campus evax. The initial outreach on the first day was tough and I was slightly disappointed that Henry and I were rejected twice. However, God reminded me about the shepherd seeking for the one lost sheep and leaving the ninety-nine behind.

Praise God that he has opened doors and on the 2nd day we managed to invite Preem, an Indian man to the party. He came to the party and expressed an interest in going for church and care group! Praise God for opening doors! Gerald Chen

On the night of the mission trip, I was very surprised by how the prophesies I received from Charis, Peter and Derrick were so true. After all, I had only gotten to know them during the mission trip. This has strengthened my conviction in God even more. During the trip, I believe the Holy Spirit provided me with the right words in a conversation I had with this lady from China. She was really paying attention to the Gospel of Christ. Although she was not ready to accept Christ, at least she took back with her the Sinner Prayer's Gospel tract. I hope God will touch her life one day. Henry-Judah 3

In this mission trip, I learnt about God's Goodness and how he answered my prayer. I realised that God is really good. I prayed during the conference that this e-trip will be an exciting and fruitful experience. I also prayed for at least one salvation or failing that, to make an impact in the life of a non-believer. I learnt that God will answer to prayers from his people who have faith and conviction in his word.

During this trip, I learnt that rejection and denial is part of the evangelism process. We need to keep persevering and pushing for salvations out of love for God’s people, even though we may feel discouraged. As a result, the Lord will bless us through answered prayers or life change. Boldness and having the courage to step out in faith is really important in any mission trip for God's kingdom to grow. I have really been blessed by the displays of boldness and also an increase in faith to believe in God's miracles in our group.

I also learnt about how God will create miracles if we have faith in his powers. I’ve also learnt about the seven points of miracles- Attitude of expectation and attitude of believing in God. Jia Jun

The Gold Coast mission trip was a new kind of experience for me in my Christian Life. It was the first time that I stepped out of my comfort zone and venturing into unknown territory. I found that this was a time that really stretched my faith. During the mission trip, I had to constantly rely on God and not my own strength. I learnt that once I have boldness and courage, God will take care of the rest and I do not need to be discouraged when I face rejection. I simply left the results to God. While sharing Jesus to non-believers at Australia Fair and Griffith University Gold Coast campus, we were rejected numerous times and it was not easy to start a conversation with anybody, let alone talk about Jesus. Despite this fact, we persevered and did the best we could and managed to get people to come to our gathering on the second day. This in itself was a miracle from God. The main thing I learnt was that in order to grow in faith and grow closer to God, we must step out in faith into the unknown and try new things. We may feel inadequate because it's our first time but God will equip us and it is in this way that I realised God's power and God reveals himself more. John Voon Judah 5


First time in Hobart, Tasmania
I thank God for the opportunity to visit Hope Hobart, Tasmania for the very first time. Shen Yee is the coordinator of Hope Hobart. It was wonderful to catch up with the Hope Hobart pioneering team (Shen Yee, David, Simon and Daniel). I also thank God for Charis and Jabez who joined me on the mission trip to Hobart. Praise God for a fruitful time in Hobart (Watch the video).

Hobart Missions Trip Video

Healing Testimony on Supernatural Sunday

An elderly Korean lady was healed of right shoulder pain which had lasted for 10 years. She felt someone was massaging her shoulder during prayer and the pain subsided. Two people accepted Christ during the altar call - a Chinese student and an Australian university graduate. We thank God for touching many lives in Hobart as we seek to fulfil the Great Commission.

Fun in the snow at Mt Wellington

On the last day in Hobart, we went to Mt Wellington to see the snow. I really looked forward to seeing the snow in Tasmania for the first time. We climbed up the mountain and had a very enjoyable time playing in the snow. It was so much fun!