Sunday, August 26, 2012


In 2009, Austin was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in Kuching, Malaysia. He lost 20kg due to the fact that the tumour in his oesophagus prevented food reaching his stomach. The doctor had to insert a feeding tube through Austin’s nose because he was unable to swallow food. Austin is a Christian and he went to many churches to receive prayer for healing.

 [Austin before and after his healing from oesophageal cancer]

Austin and his wife attended a healing service at Calvary Family Church in Kuching in 2009. Austin then was very weak and frail. The leadership team and I laid hands on Austin and we asked God to perform a miracle for Austin. I met Austin again in August 2012, and he told me that God totally healed him from oesophageal cancer. I also did a video interview with Austin to get a full account of his healing story. All glory to God!

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AT said...

Praise God for healing my brother Austin! We attended Haggai seminar in Kuching last year.